BChat: A Smart Choice

Last week, we discussed issues on centralized messaging platforms and why we need BChat. In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the BChat Private messaging app and its benefits. It helps to recognize how BChat differs from a centralized messenger and why you should use it. Privacy is a basic concern in everyone’s life, so to secure it with utmost privacy, Beldex BChat is here.

Before moving to the blog, one should know how BChat works.


How does it work?

BChat is a decentralized private messaging application. To resolve the issues faced on centralized platforms, BChat decentralizes storage and traversal of packets that carry the message data. It does this with the help of Masternodes in the network. Nodes act as the intermediary to pass information from one to another. The messages will be end-to-end encrypted and no one else can see or alter your messages. End-to-end encryption may seem trivial in a centralized set up, but in decentralized messaging apps, it offers you the utmost privacy since there’s no central point of attack or encryption backdoors. Your information will remain private on the server. At the same time, like in centralized messaging applications, we need not store personal data like phone number, email id, name, etc., to open an account.

Users can create an account anonymously without providing personal data. The alpha-numeric code is used as a unique identity for users, which only they can use and it is not stored anywhere. You and your friend can connect with each other through the alpha-numeric code instead of phone number or email id. In BChat Dapp messenger, masternodes will act as the storage server to store messages, even the stored information will be in encrypted form to protect users’ privacy, and each information is split into millions of unintelligible data and then only it will be stored. So BChat is known as the best messaging app for privacy.


Why should you go with BChat?

  • Decentralized application: BChat is a decentralized application that works on the Beldex blockchain. It acts as a peer-to-peer private messenger where messages will be end-to-end encrypted.
  • Privacy in messaging: One can chat with another in a secure and private way. The messages will be end-to-end encrypted. Only the sender and receiver will get the decrypted information.
  •  Doesn’t collect or share Metadata: BChat privacy messenger doesn’t ask your phone number or email id to sign-up for the account. It is created anonymously. Alpha-numeric code is used as the user identity and seed phrase is used for account recovery. Other than your information, no location, time, or IP address is shared with the receiver or others.
  • Censorship resistant: BChat private messenger is completely censorship-resistant. No techies, hackers, or authorized people can get your data. In the blockchain, collecting users’ data is impossible.
  • No downtime: In decentralized private messenger, there will be no downtime like centralized applications WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., it will work without any time lags. The blockchain won’t get any interruption at any cost.
  •  Fast and scalable: In BChat private messenger, the information will pass within a fraction of seconds. It is fast and scalable to use.


How Secure is BChat? 

In Beldex privacy messenger, if someone wants to collect data of the user, they need to set up the masternode on the Beldex blockchain. If they try to do any malicious activities like tracking or collecting users’ data by their masternode, the network will shut off or suspend the masternode. Even the staking coins will be seized and cannot be retrieved from the network. They can’t get any information about users’ data that is why you should be using BChat’s most secure messaging app.

BChat gives the best encrypted messaging app to secure your identity and protect your data from others. 

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