BChat Desktop App is Live! #LetsBChat

It’s here people! Truly private conversations have expanded into a new realm.

BChat’s desktop application is live! Now, your conversations stay private no matter what device you use.

BChat is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Download them from the links below.

Download BChat for Windows: https://deb.beldex.io/Beldex-projects/Bchat/desktop/windows/releases/v2.0.0/bchat-desktop-win-x64-2.0.0.exe

Download BChat for Mac: https://deb.beldex.io/Beldex-projects/Bchat/desktop/macOS/releases/v2.0.0/bchat-desktop-mac-x64-2.0.0.dmg

Download BChat for Linux: https://deb.beldex.io/Beldex-projects/Bchat/desktop/linux/releases/v2.0.0/bchat-desktop-linux-amd64-2.0.0.deb

The BChat Desktop app will also support voice and video calls.

Here’s a quick guide to the features on the BChat desktop app.

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