BChat: Voice and Video calls

An Alpha version of BChat has been launched recently. BChat-web3 messenger alpha release attracts many privacy lovers. The anonymous sign-up, masternode routed secured messages, no metadata sharing, etc., highlight that BChat is the best privacy messenger. Still, there are many astonishing features that are lined up  in BChat upcoming updates. I think you guessed it. Yes, voice and video calls beta version have been upgraded in BChat decentralized messenger. 


Let’s talk about BChat voice and video calls: 

Communication gets better when you feel, hear, and see your loved ones. To bring your communication to life, BChat is coming with an upgraded version of voice and video calls. Did you know that in a centralized application, your phone calls will be recorded, and someone can hear your conversation too? How come a third party can listen to your conversation? Will you allow others to hear your calls? Of course not. 

You need privacy in your conversation, whether a closed one call or an official call. So, to secure your privacy, BChat privacy messenger brings peer-to-peer voice and video calls. Your calls are also secured now, like a secure conversation.


How do BChat calls ensure your privacy?

  • Call setting disabled: Some will like to have voice and video calls, and others won’t because they think it is unnecessary to connect through calls. They use it for official purposes alone, so there is no need to enable the call option. It will disturb their work and time. In that case, they can disable calls on the BChat-Web3 messenger. So they won’t get calls. One can enable or disable the calling option according to their needs. 
  • Message request: It is not only used for texting; it is even helpful for calls. Users won’t get calls until they accept the message and start their conversation. If the user declines or doesn’t start a conversation with someone, they don’t receive a call. Users will get a call from a known person only. 
  • No third parties call: Users won’t receive calls from groups. Group calls are deactivated because, in an open group, unknown members will be found. So, to avoid this, group calls are disabled by default. 
  • No need for a phone number: To create an account in BChat privacy messenger, users need not enter any of their details like a phone number or email id. Likewise, to make calls in BChat, you don’t need a phone number. With BChat ID’s help, one can connect with others through calls. 
  • Peer-to-peer calls: In BChat, it is made as peer-to-peer calls to ensure your privacy. No third parties can hear or record your calls. Only you and the other person can talk and listen to calls. Your phone conversations are always secured in BChat messenger. 
  • Real-time conversation: Users will receive calls in real time. There will be no time lag in calls. 


How to activate calls in BChat web3 privacy messenger?

Users need to change settings to enable calls in BChat web3 privacy messenger. Before that, they need to update their BChat to the current version. 

For Android users:

  • Click the top right corner of your profile picture to access your app settings.
  • The Settings tab will appear.
  • Select the privacy tab option and open it.
  • Scroll down the options, select voice and video calls permission and enable them. 

For iOS users:

  •  Click the top left corner of your menu icon to access your app settings.
  • The Settings tab will appear.
  • Select the privacy tab option and open it.
  • Scroll down the options, select voice and video calls permission and enable them. 

Enable your calls and have a secure and truly private conversation with your friends and family without hesitation. 


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