Building a Standard for Private Communications

Centralized messaging platforms use a model that requires you to trust them. There are many shortcomings to a centralized communications platform. Here in detail, we can see how the BChat private messenger built on the Beldex chain makes a better choice for your privacy. 


Communications today – heavily centralized and devoid of privacy:

At present, we are facing lots of privacy issues on the internet and it becomes challenging to protect our privacy online. We cannot anticipate or prevent problems like data theft, leakage of personal information to corporations. Some are even watching us from the Internet’s shadows to know what we are doing. Most of us don’t know the real face of centralized messengers. We believe that we are interacting on a safe platform and our messages are end-to-end encrypted. But this cannot be further from the truth. The reality of centralized messaging applications is that your personal information is at their mercy. If you’re using a centralized messaging application, chances are that you’ve lost your privacy without even being aware of it.

  • Users have to submit personal data: Users don’t have any personal choices as to whether to submit their personal information for creating accounts in the centralized messengers. Why should they provide their personal information to create an account? It should be their choice.
  • Data storage: The messages, metadata, cookies, IP addresses, etc.,  will be collected and stored on the centralized messenging platform’s servers. So the platform/organization can sell our data to others because they own it. They know who we are communicating with and what we are talking about.
  • Security Nightmare: Due to your information being stored in a centralized place, it will be easy for hackers, techies, and government authorities to track and collect your data without your knowledge.

This is what the centralized messengers will do. Is this what you want? Of course not. Privacy is not a thing to share with everyone, it’s our basic right that we need to protect from others.


Is secure messaging possible in centralized messengers?

The short answer is, no. It’s like a one way mirror. From one end, centralized messengers gives the appearance of security but you’re visible to the world that’s watching you from the other end. Same like, from external usage it may look secure and safe to use but the inner truth is different. By using it, we are losing our privacy each second. We know, many of us spending most of our valuable time on centralized messaging platforms. It is not only used for entertaining purposes, even in the digitized era business, education, etc., also takes place through the centralized platform.

An example is here for you. Everyone will follow some strategy to do their business, what happens if others steal your data and use it for their business or sell it to others? Then your business will get down and their business will grow. How it happens? The centralized messenger will sell your data to others, so they can utilize it whenever they need them.

This is what will happen on the centralized messenger’s platform. Looks safe but not really. Whatever you do here will be stored in one place and can be used at any cost. Even encrypted messages can be decrypted by hackers, techies, or authority figures on the centralized servers. Then there is no point in saying, end-to-end encryption messenger. To overcome the faults, we need a messenger that protects our privacy.


What is the use of collecting our data?

From an outside perspective, people may think why privacy is we needed for communication, what others will do with their information, and even they feel comfortable in using messengers too. But users need to understand what exactly they are dealing with. As long as we are using centralized messengers we are paying them our privacy as free of cost. Yes, they collect personal information while creating an account, metadata, IP addresses, and cookies are stored, and not truly end-to-end encrypted.

Here comes the question: what is the use of storing our details? The answer is simple. They will collect our details and sell them to corporate companies or even techies or hackers who will hack our information for their personal uses like to know our bank details, credit card details, etc., so they can avail a loan in your name and won’t pay it back. It is also a kind of theft happening in this digitalized era through the centralized messenger’s help.


How can we communicate privately?

The only way to communicate with privacy is possible on the decentralized private messengers. It is similar to centralized messengers for communication but here privacy is the prior choice. You can have all features as in centralized messengers. Here in decentralized messenger, one can communicate with privacy without relieving any personal information about them. They can feel the privacy on their conversation. The secure private messengers are truly end-to-end encrypted and only the receiver can get the decrypted message. The nodes will help to pass information through the blockchain. In the blockchain, no one can collect or alter any kind of details. So the information passes securely. Communication privacy can be achieved only with the help of decentralized private messengers.


What would a secure messenger do?

A secure messenger will give privacy as the precedence. Users can communicate with others with privacy and security. Centralized messengers like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., will say that they are secure but they are not the one. Decentralized messengers will do what they say. They are secured and private as default applications. Here you do not need any personal information to create an account. Need to know about the decentralized messenger. Here it is, Beldex BChat private messenger.

  • BChat decentralized messenger is end-to-end encrypted. Only the sender and receiver can decode the message. No third parties can be involved in your privacy.
  • Here the masternode will work as a storage server. No one can find the data of the user and every information passed through the Beldex blockchain is scattered into many pieces and stored on different masternodes.
  • open-source code. So users can check BChat code transparency at any time. It is visible to all.
  • No personal information like phone numbers or email IDs is required to create an account. An alpha-numeric code is used as a user identity.
  • Metadata like timestamp, size of the message, and location will be shared with others.
  • No IP address is shared or tracked. So no one knows where we are.
  • All modes of communication are possible such as text messages, voice

Due to high security and privacy, BChat is going to be the best decentralized messenger.


Combat surveillance in BChat decentralized messenger:

In a centralized communication platform, privacy was breached in many ways. They use phone contacts, cookies, IP addresses, GPS tracking, javascript, and metadata to know each detail about the user. Why should a messenger need to collect those details? Have you ever thought about it? We users, permit all things and start chatting. Without giving permission, we can’t access those messengers too.

By giving those permissions, they can collect all our private information like where we are going, to whom we are in touch, what we are talking about, what is our next move in life, our credit card, and bank details, etc., They will collect that information and share to others and we can see ads relating to our needs.

But in BChat, every data is secured and won’t breach your privacy at any cost. No cookies are enabled, no metadata will be shared, IP addresses are blocked, etc., your privacy will always be yours.


Building a standard for web3 private communication:

BChat private messenger is a decentralized messenger which can be used by all. Those who are seeking privacy and need to be private can go for it. Business people, Government officials, Journalists, Organization people, etc., can use Beldex BChat decentralized messenger. The phase of the internet is going to change from web2 to web3. In web3, ewverything will be anonymous and decentralized; no personal data is required or shared to others. it is going to be on the future of privacy in the internet world. BChat is going to take its step on the web3 decentralized platform to keep your privacy as privacy.

BChat is the best privacy messenger. Want to be safe and secure without any breaches, use BChat.

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