How does the digital era impact people’s lives?

Here we are going to talk about centralized vs decentralized privacy messenger. Technology has been growing in an unimaginable way. No one has ever imagined the growth of the digital world will reflect on our daily life as a part. Only a few people started to use it for official usage in the past. Later on, day-by-day many get involved in it actively in the technological era and during this pandemic situation, the usage of social media has been reached to the next level of growth. Most of the people started to use social media platforms for business development, education, awareness creation, and even for entertainment purposes too. Of these, messaging/chatting applications have the biggest contribution in people’s life.

We all were well-versed with the messaging applications like WhatsApp, messenger, WeChat, etc., probably we are spending quality time with these centralized applications. Without these messaging applications our lives would be boring. It becomes part of our life too. But there is a thing, do you feel privacy in centralized messenger……


Scary things need to know about the Centralized platform:

Does centralized messenger provides privacy? Are we using the safest messaging applications? Do you know, your messages will be stored on data servers on centralized applications? What happens, if anyone sells your data to others or goes through the texts? And another thing, have you ever seen a thing; if you are discussing purchasing shoes with your friends in a group or private chat, the very next day you can find the ads related to your conversation on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., How do they know about it? How does it happen without your knowledge? Are you okay with these issues? These are a few hints about disadvantages of centralized messenger.

There is someone who is following you all around like a shadow. It sounds a little scary to know right!!! What is the solution to resolve these issues? First, you should know why these issues are happening. It is all due to apps that are being integrated on the centralized platform. Techies, hackers, and authorized persons can get your information through the stored data or even the company can sell it to others.

From here, you start to lose your privacy through centralized applications. Is this what you want? Of course, No.. Then, what is your exact need? You need a decentralized privacy messenger, that is our Beldex BChat. It will not only solve your privacy issues and you can feel secure with confidentiality. This is what we do for all people. Beldex private messenger paves the way for your privacy.


Beldex BChat is here: 

BChat privacy messenger concerns about your privacy a lot. So we are developing a secure decentralized privacy messenger application. There you can feel free to chat with others and no one can track or follow you as shadow. It works on the decentralized platform. In a decentralized private messenger, everything will be encrypted and passed through the nodes. Different nodes will participate here to pass your information from one to another. No techies, hackers, or authorized persons can find your data because each information will be stored on masternodes.

Beldex masternodes will serve as a storage server for BChat privacy messenger. Masternodes will be operated by different users and no one can find where your messages have been stored. At the same time, information will be splitted into many pieces of data and stored in various masternodes at different regions. Even the splitted information will be stored in encrypted form. So, no one can go through it at any cost. Advantages of using decentralized privacy messenger are quite higher than centralized messenger.


Highlights of BChat:

Advantages of decentralization messenger over centralization. Users need not enter their name, phone number, or email id to create an account. People can contact each other through the alpha-numeric code, which is generated during the account signup. To recover the account, seed phrase will be used instead of phone number or email id. Even, no metadata information will be shared to other end receivers, they can get the messages alone. Other than the receiver, no one can see or alter your information. These are the benefits of decentralized messenger. That’s how Beldex BChat differs from centralized applications and we say it is the best privacy messenger.

BChat private messenger, a safe place for those who love messaging with privacy. To know more about BChat benefits stay tuned for our next blog…

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