What is BChat?

BChat is a private messaging application used for the purpose of secure communication between our friends and family. Privacy is everyone’s basic right; we can’t categorize people into those that need privacy and those that don’t. Why should others peek their noses in our business? Would you accept constant monitoring? Of course not. Everyone needs privacy. If anyone can watch our day-to-day activities without our knowledge, then where’s the security of these apps?

We respect every person’s privacy so we are happy to launch our most secure messaging app BChat. Here people can feel secure while sharing their thoughts and no one is going to watch them. It is a decentralized platform where no one can track you. At the same time, BChat encrypted messaging app will pass our information in a cryptographic form to other networks and only the receiver, in the end, will get it in decrypted form. That’s why the BChat private messenger app is considered a secured private messaging application.


How does BChat work?

BChat private messaging application is entering a new platform of messaging. Here your messages will be secured and you can feel the privacy in each act. BChat won’t ask any of your personal information to sign up for the account. You can download and start using the BChat best private messenger app. For each user, a specific mnemonic key is given for account recovery. At the same time, every user will have an alphanumeric code. It is used as our identity and those who have our code can chat with us. No one can find our alphanumeric code, if we share our code they can use it and communicate with us.

BChat will use a specific beldex blockchain to transfer our data from one to another person. While transferring the data, the text will be encrypted and no one can read it and track it because blockchain can’t be hacked. Only the receiver can read the decrypted form of the message. Even metadata information like phone number, name, location, message size, etc., nothing can be traced. Once the account is deleted all data will be completely erased from the server without any trace of our account. BChat private messenger will provide services like file transfer, voice chat, etc.,


How does it differ from other centralized messaging apps?

Centralized messaging app BChat private messenger app
Centralized servers are used. Blockchain servers are used.
Vulnerable to a central point of attack No Centralization
Metadata information is shared. No metadata information is shared.
No mnemonic key is used Mnemonic key is used
Phone number or email id is used as the identity. Randomized alphanumeric code is used as the identity.


Why use it?

Nowadays, digital threats have become the most common issue for all and even our data is sold to some community people. They will keep tracking us in the form of ads. It will be really annoying to us and how come others can be involved in our life without our permission. It is completely spam. To overcome these issues, the secure messenger will do its best to protect our data from others and give us the freedom to act. All have the right to secure their data from others. So everyone can go with BChat private messenger app.

As we discussed above, privacy is a common term for all people. In this digital world, privacy matters a lot. For the security and protection of our information from foes, we need BChat’s most secure messaging app to secure our identity. 

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