Humanity Check: Are Bots Allowed on BChat?

Aren’t we tired of the bots ravaging the internet right now? It’s one thing to use bots to help aid the flow of information, like when you need to get the price of the Beldex coin on Telegram with a slash command. But that’s different from having to deal with scores of “Hey, wanna chat?” messages. Community moderators have it tough, wading through bots and cleaning them up.

So are bots really disrupting your experience on the Internet? Why do businesses and institutions still use them?


Pay with your BChat Messenger, Pay As You Chat

Unlike fiat, there is no physical cash in crypto. The world is moving towards a digital future where cashless payments are made everyday. Prolonged pandemics like the COVID-19 have also made contactless payments a necessity.

People use credit cards, debit cards, and instant payment applications to pay for everything from travel, food, booking hotels, and shopping online/offline etc.

BChat Desktop App is Live! #LetsBChat

It’s here people! Truly private conversations have expanded into a new realm. 

BChat’s desktop application is live! Now, your conversations stay private no matter what device you use. 

The BChat Desktop app will also support voice and video calls.

BChat is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Download them from the links below.

Sneak Peek into the BChat Desktop App

BChat is our flagship and first dApp to be launched. It’s a messaging application that doesn’t collect any information about the user.

You can create an account on BChat simply by generating an anonymous on-chain BChat ID that you can use to chat with your friends and family. BChat is available for mobile devices on the PlayStore and AppStore.

Disappearing Messages: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

For real time communication, we are all entirely dependent on digital technology. Instant messengers have a prominent role in making our communication comfortable and easy. You can communicate with anyone from anywhere at any time from anywhere in the world. Messengers are beneficial in many ways. Today’s instant messengers allow you to not only send text messages but also images, voice messages, videos, files, and many more.

Are DIDs like BChat ID the Future of Digital Identities?

This article is about decentralized digital identities (DIDs) and their benefits. DIDs are on-chain identities that let you use a single wallet address or ID to access your accounts on different platforms.

Personal identities have long since been used to serve consumers better. There are elaborate mechanisms used to identify and authenticate a user’s identity…

How to Protect Yourself from Online Spam & Scam

This article explores the dangers of using centralized chat applications and how they collect your personal information. It also shows you how to protect yourself from scams on these platforms. 

Online spam is horrendous. Have you ever thought about how spammers access your information? 


BChat: Built for Privacy, Security, and Anonymity

In the past, it was much more challenging to communicate over long distances. Technological development gave us the means to reliable and fast communication. Today, with the help of instant messengers, we are in touch with our loved ones in real-time and it barely costs anything except for an internet connection. These applications have become a part of our day to day lives, but do we know how they adversely affect privacy in our lives? There are two sides to a coin; likewise,

BChat: Voice and Video Calls

An Alpha version of BChat has been launched recently. BChat-web3 messenger alpha release attracts many privacy lovers. Still, there are many astonishing features are lined up  in BChat upcoming updates. I think you guessed it. 

Communication gets better when you feel, hear, and see your loved ones. Beta version have been upgraded in BChat decentralized messenger.

BChat- The Smart Choice

Last week, we discussed issues on centralized messaging platforms and why we need BChat. In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the BChat Private messaging app and its benefits. It helps to recognize how BChat differs from a centralized messenger and why you should use it. Privacy is a basic concern in everyone’s life, so to secure it with utmost privacy, Beldex BChat is here.


Building a Standard for Private Communications

Centralized messaging platforms use a model that requires you to trust them. There are many shortcomings to a centralized communications platform. Here in detail, we can see how the BChat private messenger built on the Beldex chain makes a better choice for your privacy…

How does the digital era impact people’s lives?

Here we are going to talk about centralized vs decentralized privacy messenger. Technology has been growing in an unimaginable way. No one has ever imagined the growth of the digital world will reflect on our daily life as a part. Only a few people started to use it for official usage in the past. Later on, day-by-day many get involved in it actively…..

What is BChat?

BChat is a private messaging application used for the purpose of secure communication between our friends and relatives. Privacy is everyone’s basic right; we can’t categorize people into those that need privacy and those that don’t. Why should others peek their noses in our business? Would you accept constant monitoring? Of course not. Everyone needs privacy. If anyone can watch our day-to-day….